Galitos Menu And Prices In South Africa 2024

Welcome Galitos Menu at foodies! If you’re craving a taste of authentic flame-grilled chicken that will leave your taste buds dancing, then look no further than Galitos. With its mouthwatering menu and affordable prices, Galitos is the go-to spot for all chicken lovers out there. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Galitos menu with prices so you can plan your next savory adventure without breaking the bank. So get ready to explore the tantalizing world of Galitos and discover why it’s become a favorite among food enthusiasts everywhere. Let’s dive in!

Galitos Menu With Prices


1/4 ChickenR45
1/2 ChickenR85
Full ChickenR159

Value Meals

Jambo Jambo MealR39
Chicken Livers MealR39
Quarter Chicken Meal – Jumbo PapR55
Quarter Chicken Meal – RiceR55
Laduma MealR59
Go Go MealR69
Hot Box Meal – Jumbo PapR69
Hot Box Meal – ChipsR69
Hot Box Meal – RiceR69
Boss Box Meal – Jumbo PapR93
Boss Box Meal – ChipsR93
Boss Box Meal – RiceR93
Halftime ScoreR119
Half Pack BoxR149
Value Meals
Galitos Menu And Prices In South Africa 2024

Sharing Meals

Value PackR189
Power FeastR205
Good Times FeastR249
Chillaz PackR249
Full PackR275
Kings FeastR349
Sharing Meals
Galitos Menu And Prices In South Africa 2024

Hearty Bowls

Chicken Strips & RiceR59
Chicken Strips & chipsR59
Hearty Bowls


Chicken BurgerR49
Chicken Cheese BurgerR59
Pulled Chicken Crunch RollR39
Double Up Crunch DealR69
Mega Crunch DealR99

Lean & Leeker

Chicken SaladR65
Lean & Leeker

Little Gallos

BBQ Chicken Strips & ChipsR39
Little Gallos


Homestyle SpinachR25
Chilli BeanR30
Fresh RollR10
Spicy RiceR20
Jumbo PapR15
Jumbo Pap & SisheboR20
Garden SaladR39

When it comes to variety and flavor, the Galitos menu truly delivers. From their signature flame-grilled chicken to a range of delectable sides and desserts, there’s something for everyone. Let’s start with the main attraction – the chicken! You can choose from various cuts like quarter-chicken or half-chicken, all marinated in Galitos’ secret blend of spices and cooked over an open flame for that perfect charred goodness.

If you’re looking for a little extra kick, try their spicy peri-peri sauce that adds just the right amount of heat without overpowering the flavors. And don’t worry if you prefer milder options – they have different spice levels to cater to every palate.

Now let’s talk about those tempting sides. Whether you’re in the mood for creamy mashed potatoes, crispy fries, or refreshing coleslaw, Galitos has got you covered. They also offer mouthwatering garlic bread and Portuguese rice as accompaniments that complement your meal perfectly.

And how could we forget dessert? Indulge in their rich chocolate cake or opt for a sweet treat like caramel pudding or ice cream. These delectable desserts are sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more.

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Galitos Menu And Prices In South Africa 2024

Now let’s get down to business – prices! One of the best things about Galitos Menu is its affordability. With reasonable prices that won’t break the bank, you can enjoy a hearty meal without any guilt. The menu offers value meals and combo deals that give you great bang for your buck while ensuring a satisfying dining experience.

So whether you’re planning a family dinner or grabbing lunch on-the-go, Galitos Menu is an excellent choice when it comes to quality food at affordable prices. Don’t miss out on exploring their diverse menu – it’s guaranteed to leave your taste buds craving more!

Galitos Menu – Specials

When it comes to dining out, exploring new flavors and cuisines is always an exciting adventure. If you’re a fan of Portuguese cuisine or simply looking for something different, Galitos is the place to be! With their diverse menu and special offerings, Galitos Menu has something for everyone.

Let’s take a closer look at the specials on Galitos Menu. One standout option is the peri-peri chicken platter. This mouthwatering dish features succulent grilled chicken marinated in their signature peri-peri sauce. Served with your choice of sides such as seasoned fries or creamy coleslaw, this platter is sure to satisfy your cravings.

If you’re in the mood for seafood, Galitos also offers a selection of delectable options. The prawn skewers are a must-try – juicy prawns grilled to perfection and served with garlic butter sauce. For those who prefer fish, there’s the grilled dorado fillet topped with tangy lemon butter sauce.

No matter what your dietary preferences may be, Galitos aims to please with their extensive menu that caters to all tastes. So why not give them a try? Head over to your nearest Galitos restaurant today and explore their delicious specials firsthand!

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Galitos Menu And Prices In South Africa 2024

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is Galitos?

  • Galitos is a renowned restaurant chain specializing in flame-grilled chicken, known for its unique blend of flavors and spices. The South African menu offers a variety of dishes inspired by Portuguese and African cuisine.

Q. Where can I find Galitos in South Africa?

  • Galitos has multiple locations across South Africa. You can find the nearest restaurant by visiting the official Galitos website or using their mobile app.

Q. What makes Galitos chicken special?

  • Galitos chicken is known for being flame-grilled, ensuring a distinct and delicious taste. The secret blend of spices, marinades, and sauces contributes to the unique flavor profile that sets Galitos apart.

Q. What menu options are available at Galitos in South Africa?

  • The menu includes a variety of flame-grilled chicken options such as quarter, half, and full chicken meals. Additionally, there are wraps, burgers, salads, and sides like peri-peri fries and coleslaw.

Q. Can I customize my order at Galitos?

  • Yes, Galitos offers customization options. You can choose your preferred spice level, side dishes, and additional toppings according to your taste preferences.

Q. Are there vegetarian options available at Galitos?

  • While Galitos is primarily known for its flame-grilled chicken, there are vegetarian options such as veggie wraps, salads, and sides for those who prefer non-meat alternatives.

Q. What is peri-peri sauce, and is it spicy?

  • Peri-peri sauce is a spicy sauce made from African bird’s eye chili peppers. Galitos offers various spice levels for their peri-peri sauce, allowing customers to choose their preferred level of heat.

Q. Does Galitos offer delivery services?

  • Yes, Galitos typically provides delivery services through various platforms. Check with your local Galitos or use their Facebook to see if delivery is available in your area.
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Q. Can I place an order online?

  • Yes, Galitos provides online ordering options through their official website or mobile app. This allows customers to conveniently place orders for delivery or pickup.

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