Heroes Menu And Prices 2024 In South Africa

Welcome to Heroes Menu, the ultimate destination for delicious and wholesome meals in South Africa! If you’re a food enthusiast looking for an extraordinary dining experience, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Heroes Menu, we believe that every meal should be a celebration of flavors and creativity. From mouthwatering starters to delectable mains and indulgent desserts, our menu is designed to satisfy your culinary cravings. So sit back, relax, and embark on a gastronomic journey as we explore the highlights of our extraordinary offerings. Get ready to indulge your taste buds with Heroes Menu!

Heroes Menu

At Heroes Menu, we take pride in crafting a menu that caters to a wide range of tastes and dietary preferences.


Original BurgerR85
Mexican Chicken BurgerR135
Cheeky Chicken BurgerR85
Jalapeno Cheese BurgerR103
Cheese BurgerR95
Boss BurgerR184
Baby Boss BurgerR153
Chili Cheese Pepperdew BurgerR103
Mushroom BurgerR103
King Porterhouse Steak BurgerR172
Double Macon Cheese BurgerR195
Prego Chicken BurgerR127
Mushroom Cheese Steak BurgerR142
Fiery BurgerR118
Porterhouse Steak BurgerR142
Blazin Chicken BurgerR102
Buster BurgerR127
Heroes Menu And Prices 2023 In South Africa


Super Cheesy Steak SandwichR136.99
Mushroom and Cheese Steak SandwichR139.99
Loaded Steak SandwichR140.99
Cheesy ChipperR49.99
Fully Loaded Steak SandwichR180.99
Smashed Cheesy Potato and Chili SandwichR63.99
Loaded Chicken SandwichR136.99
Dagwood SandwichR180.99
Grilled Chicken and Cheese SandwichR122.99
Heroes Menu And Prices 2023 In South Africa

Winglets And Chicken

12 wingletsR137.90
24 wingletsR265.90
36 wingletsR387.90
42 wingletsR447.90
48 wingletsR509.90
6 PiecesR160.90
8 Pieces BroastR220.90
Winglets And Chicken
Heroes Menu And Prices 2023 In South Africa


Cheeky Chicken RollR119.90
Vienna RollR63.90
Steak RollR131.90
Chip RollR43.90
Chicken Strip RollR119.90
Russia RollR63.90
Heroes Menu And Prices 2023 In South Africa

Heroes Pizza Menu

Magheritta PizzaR58.90
Jalapeno Chicken PizzaR105.90
Creamy Chicken PizzaR105.90
Chicken & Mushroom PizzaR105.90
Garlic Chitta PizzaR93.90
Steak Supreme PizzaR133.90
Creamy Potato PizzaR93.90
Vegetarian PizzaR93.90
Prego Chicken PizzaR105.90
Polony PizzaR105.90
Steak Avalanch PizzaR172.90
Sccpd PizzaR112.90
Heroes Menu And Prices 2023 In South Africa


Chicken and Mushroom AlfredoR126.90
Mushroom AlfredoR99.90
Chili Arribatta PastaR64.90

Drinks & Shakes

Milkshake Classic 350mlR53.90
Buddy Coke 440mlR31.90
Coke No Sugar 500mlR27.90
300ml LemontR23.90
Blue Lagoon nojitoR47.90
Peach garden nojitoR47.90
Grenadine & Pomegranate nojitoR47.90
Strawberry NojitiR47.90
Drinks & Shakes
Heroes Menu And Prices 2023 In South Africa

At Heroes Menu, we take pride in crafting a menu that caters to a wide range of tastes and dietary preferences. Whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian, or follow a gluten-free diet, our diverse selection ensures there’s something for everyone. From succulent grilled steaks and juicy burgers to fresh salads bursting with vibrant flavors, each dish is thoughtfully prepared using the finest ingredients sourced locally.

One standout feature of our menu is the fusion of global cuisines. We believe in creating unique culinary experiences by combining elements from different cultures. Indulge in our Asian-inspired dishes like crispy sesame chicken or savor the bold flavors of Mexican street tacos topped with zesty salsa and guacamole.

For those seeking lighter options without compromising on taste, our menu offers an array of nutritious choices. Dive into refreshing quinoa bowls packed with colorful vegetables or treat yourself to a flavorful poke bowl brimming with fresh seafood delights.

No meal is complete without indulging your sweet tooth! Our dessert selection includes irresistible treats such as creamy cheesecakes, decadent chocolate mousse, and tantalizing fruit tarts. Each bite will transport you to dessert heaven!

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Heroes Menu And Prices 2023 In South Africa

Whether you’re dining alone or celebrating a special occasion with loved ones, Heroes Menu provides an inviting ambiance where great food meets friendly service. So why wait? Come join us on this culinary adventure and experience the magic of Heroes Menu firsthand!

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Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is Heroes Menu South Africa?

Ans: Heroes Menu South Africa is an online platform that connects users with a variety of local heroes, including delivery drivers, handymen, tutors, and more. It aims to make everyday tasks convenient by providing a platform for users to find and hire local service providers.

Q. Is Heroes Menu available nationwide in South Africa?

Ans: Heroes Menu’s availability may vary by region, and it’s recommended to check the platform to see if it operates in your specific location. The platform may expand its coverage over time, so it’s always a good idea to check for updates.

Q. Is there a rating system for heroes on Heroes Menu South Africa?

Ans: Yes, Heroes Menu often includes a rating and review system. After receiving a service, users can leave feedback and rate their experience with the hero. This information can be valuable for other users when selecting a hero for their needs.

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