Jimmys Killer Prawns Menu And Prices 2024 In South Africa

Welcome to Jimmys Killer Prawns, a culinary paradise for seafood lovers in South Africa! If you’re craving fresh, succulent prawns prepared with an explosion of flavors, then you’re in for a treat. With its mouthwatering menu and vibrant ambiance, Jimmy’s Killer Prawns is the go-to destination for those seeking a delightful dining experience. In this article, we’ll dive into the tantalizing offerings on Jimmy’s Killer Prawns’ menu that are sure to leave your taste buds dancing with delight. Get ready to embark on a gastronomic adventure unlike any other as we explore the delectable world of Jimmy’s Killer Prawns menu!

jimmys killer prawns menu

When it comes to the Jimmys Killer Prawns menu, prepare yourself for a seafood extravaganza that will leave you craving more. The menu offers a wide variety of prawn dishes, each prepared with utmost precision and expertise.

Start your culinary journey by trying their signature Garlic Butter Prawns. These juicy morsels are cooked in a flavorful garlic butter sauce that perfectly complements the natural sweetness of the prawns. The aroma alone is enough to make your mouth water!

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not give their Spicy Cajun Prawns a go? This dish packs a punch with its fiery combination of spices and seasonings. It’s guaranteed to satisfy those who crave an extra kick in their meal.

For those who prefer something lighter, Jimmys Killer Prawns also offers refreshing salads featuring succulent grilled prawns as the star ingredient. Indulge in their Mediterranean Salad or Asian Sesame Salad for a burst of freshness and vibrant flavors.

And let’s not forget about their delectable seafood platters! From mixed grills to combos packed with prawns, calamari, mussels, and more – these platters are perfect for sharing with friends and family.

To accompany your meal, be sure to explore Jimmys Killer Prawns’ extensive beverage menu which includes refreshing cocktails, mocktails, and an impressive selection of wines.

With its diverse range of dishes bursting with flavor and quality ingredients sourced from local suppliers, Jimmys Killer Prawns ensures that every visit is an unforgettable experience for seafood enthusiasts across South Africa. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the tantalizing world of flavors at Jimmy’s Killer Prawns today!rowed in a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, Jimmy’s Killer Prawns menu is a seafood lover’s dream come true.

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jimmys Appitizer Menu

Cheesy Garlic BreadR50
Haloumi Cheese FingersR70
Mexicana Garlic BreadR50
Gratinéed PrawnsR95
Stuffed CalamariR105
Grilled / Fried CalamariR90
Black MushroomsR85
Chicken StripsR70
Chicken LiversR70
Squid HeadsR65
Jimmy’s Spicy WingsR65
Jimmy’s Grilled WingsR65
Crumbed MushroomsR70
Crumby BasketR185
Steak SatayR90
Lamb RibletsR95
Prawns in a Blanket R95
Jimmys Appitizer Menu

Pizza’s & Pasta

Chicken Portuguese or BBQR140
Masala Steak or BBQR155
Prawn Peri PerR180
Seafood PastaR190
Spicy Prawn PastaR160
Spicy Chicken PastaR130
Spicy Steak PastaR160
Alfredo Prawn R160
Jalapeño Chicken PastaR150
Pizza’s & Pasta
Jimmys Killer Prawns Menu And Prices 2023 In South Africa


Chicken BurgerR75
Bomb BurgerR85
Cheesy Bomb BurgerR95
Double Cheesy Bomb BurgerR130
Jalapeño BurgerR95
Fillet Steak BurgerR150
Prawn & Hake BurgerR140
Vegetable BurgerR90
Jimmys Killer Prawns Menu And Prices 2023 In South Africa

Classics (Beef / Lamb)

Rump Steak – 300gR190
T-Bone Steak – 350gR220
Fillet Steak – 280gR230
Beef Ribs (bbq / masala) – 500gR190
Lamb ChopsR220
Lamb RibsR220
Jalapeño SteakR215
Masala SteakR215
Mushroom SteakR215
Swiss Butter SteakR240
Classics (Beef / Lamb)

Classics (Fish & Chips)

Legendary Fish & ChipsR110
Family ComboR300
Grilled HakeR120
Grilled CalamariR180
Grilled LinefishR175
Grilled KingklipR220
Kingklip ThermidorR250
Chicken FilletR120
Wings – Grilled /Fried (12)R130
Wings – Grilled /Fried (24)R240
Half ChickenR110
Full ChickenR190
Classics (Fish & Chips)

Killar Prawns

Jimmy’s Prawns 8 piecesR140
12 piecesR195
½ kg (16)R235
1 kg (32)R465
2 kg (48)R675
Jimmy’s Queens 6 piecesR160
½ kg (12)R300
1 kg (24)R575
1½ kg (36)R850
2 kg (48)R1100
Jimmy’s Kings (½ kg (6)R240
1 kg (12)R470
2 kg (24)R900
3 kg (36)R1320
4 kg (48)R1700
Swiss Butter PrawnsR220
Pan Grilled PrawnsR320
Killar Prawns


Lobster / Crayfish  (Grilled)R420
Crayfish Tails (½ kg / 1kg)R540/R995

Feast to Share

Feast for 2 – Jimmy’s PrawnsR475
Feast for 2 – Jimmy’s QueensR565
Awesome 2 – Jimmy’s PrawnsR435
Awesome 2 – Jimmy’s QueensR525
Seafood Boil for 2R495
Seafood Boil FamilyR950
Fisherman’s Platter – Jimmy’s PrawnsR595
Fisherman’s Platter – Jimmy’s QueensR675
Ultimate Feast – Jimmy’s PrawnsR570
Ultimate Feast – Jimmy’s QueensR675
Mishmash Platter –   Jimmy’s PrawnsR480
Mishmash Platter – Jimmy’s QueensR540
Kingklip & Queens PlatterR299
Prawn & Calamari PlatterR219
Caribbean PlatterR240
Seafood SoloR180
Beef Ribs & PrawnsR260
Feast to Share

Killer Fusion Combos

Kingklip & Queens PlatterR299
Prawn & Calamari PlatterR210
Caribbean PlatterR240
Seafood SoloR180
Half Chicken Combo R175
Ribs & Prawn PlatterR230
Vegetable PlatterR145
Chicken & Prawn PlatterR185
Killer Fusion Combos
Jimmys Killer Prawns Menu And Prices 2023 In South Africa

Family Fusion

Meaty PlatterR800
Beach Club PlatterR950
Millionaires PlatterR1250
Mediterranean FeastR950
Titanic PlatterR999
Addictive PlatterR950
Coral ReefR950
Marina PlatterR1299
Family Fusion
Jimmys Killer Prawns Menu And Prices 2023 In South Africa


Belgica Caramel TartR55
Black Forest CakeR55
Cookies & CreamR55
Double DeckerR55
Passionate Lemon CheesecakeR55
Salted Caramel Baked CheesecakeR55
Hot Malva PuddingR70
Brownies – ChocolateR70
Brownies – LindtR90
Pancakes – ChocolateR70
Pancakes – LindtR85

jimmys killer prawns locations

Jimmys Killer Prawns can be found in various locations throughout South Africa, making it easily accessible for all seafood enthusiasts. Some of their popular branches include:

1. Johannesburg – With four branches located in Fourways, Kempton Park, East Rand Mall, and Rosebank Mall, residents of Johannesburg are spoilt for choice when it comes to experiencing Jimmy’s Killer Prawns’ delectable menu.

2. Cape Town – Head to Cape Town and indulge in mouthwatering prawn dishes at one of three branches located in Canal Walk Shopping Centre, V&A Waterfront, or Tygervalley Shopping Centre.

3. Durban – For those residing in KwaZulu-Natal, head to the Gateway Theatre of Shopping or Pavilion Shopping Centre for a taste of Jimmy’s Killer Prawns’ menu.

4. Pretoria – There are two branches in Pretoria: Menlyn Park Shopping Centre and Centurion Mall, offering residents a chance to savor the flavors of Jimmy’s Killer Prawns.

5. Port Elizabeth – Visit Baywest Mall in Port Elizabeth for a seafood feast at Jimmy’s Killer Prawns.

These are just a few of the many locations where you can find Jimmys Killer Prawns. Check their website for a full list of their restaurants across South Africa.

In conclusion, if you’re a seafood lover looking for an unforgettable dining experience, be sure to visit Jimmy’s Killer Prawns and explore their diverse menu offerings. With its vibrant ambiance, exceptional service, and mouthwatering dishes, it’s no wonder why this restaurant is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

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