krispy kreme menu And Prices 2024 in South Africa

At the heart of Krispy Kreme’s menu are its exquisite doughnuts, meticulously crafted to perfection. South African patrons can indulge in a wide assortment of flavors, ranging from the classic Original Glazed to innovative creations that cater to diverse palates

krispy kreme menu

A timeless classic that needs no introduction, the Original Glazed doughnut is synonymous with Krispy Kreme. Light, fluffy, and coated in a delicate glaze, this doughnut is a true crowd-pleaser.

krispy kreme menu And Prices 2024 in South Africa

krispy kreme menu – DoughNuts

Orignal Glazed

Orignal GlazedR17.90 Each
Orignal Glazed


Chocolate Iced SprinklesR22.90 Each
Speckled Egg SprinklesR22.90 Each
Milk TartR22.90 Each
Chocolate FlakesR22.90 Each
Bar – OneR22.90 Each
Boston KremeR22.90 Each
Cinnamon RingR22.90 Each
Cookies & KremeR22.90 Each
Appricot JamR22.90 Each


Caramel Kreme & Cookies CarrotR27.90 Each
Speckled Egg Bunny BottomR27.90 Each
Lemon Kreme Diving DuckR27.90 Each
Speckled Egg Choc Iced CustardR27.90 Each
Birthday CakeR27.90 Each
Nuttela and Hezel NutsR27.90 Each

Share Dozen & Smile

ItemOriginal GlazedAssortedGourmetOG & Assorted
Double DozensR277.90 EachR380 EachR500 EachR340 Each
DozensR152.90 EachR202.90 EachR262.90 Each
Box of SixR94.90 EachR122.90 EachR152.90 Each
Box of ThreeR50.90 EachR65.90 EachR80.90 Each
Single DoughnutsR19.90 EachR24.90 EachR29.90 Each

krispy kreme menu – Made Fresh Daily

Original Six Glazed DoughnutsR78.90
Assorted Six DoughnutsR102.90
Assorted Minis DoughnutsR55.90
Original Three Glazed DoughnutsR50.90
Sprinkles Assorted Three DoughnutsR61.90
Tasty Treat Assorted Three DoughnutsR65.90
Choc BoxR80.90
Original BitesR37.90
Filled BitesR45.90
Happy Doughnuts HuntingR80.90
Made Fresh Daily

krispy kreme menu – Chillers

ItemPrice 350 MLPrice 480 ML
Frozen Fruit ChillersR53.00R61.00
Frozen LemonadesR43.00R51.00
Flavoured Iced LatteeR48.00R58.00
krispy kreme menu And Prices 2024 in South Africa

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krispy kreme menu – Hot Drinks

Café LatteeR37.00R40.00R47.00
Flavoured LatteeR44.00R52.00R58.00
Filter CoffeeR28.00R32.00R38.00
Café MochaR42.00R48.00R53.00
Flat WhiteR38.00
Hot ChocolateR40.00R43.00R51.00
Chai LatteeR43.00R49.00R53.00
Hot Drinks

Beyond Doughnuts – Krispy Kreme’s Additional Offerings

While Krispy Kreme is renowned for its exceptional doughnuts, its menu in South Africa extends beyond just these sweet treats. Patrons can also savor a range of beverages, including freshly brewed coffee, iced drinks, and indulgent milkshakes, providing the perfect accompaniment to their doughnut experience. Moreover, Krispy Kreme often introduces limited-time offerings and seasonal specials, ensuring that there’s always something new and exciting to tantalize taste buds.

krispy kreme menu And Prices 2024 in South Africa

Embracing Local Tastes: Krispy Kreme’s South African Flair

In addition to its classic offerings, Krispy Kreme in South Africa has embraced local flavors and preferences, introducing unique variations to cater to the discerning palates of South African consumers. Whether it’s incorporating indigenous fruits, spices, or cultural influences into their doughnut creations, Krispy Kreme ensures that its menu resonates with the diverse culinary landscape of South Africa, adding a touch of local flair to its global brand identity.

krispy kreme menu And Prices 2024 in South Africa

With its irresistible array of doughnuts, complemented by a selection of beverages and seasonal specials, Krispy Kreme has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the culinary scene in South Africa. Whether it’s indulging in a classic Original Glazed doughnut or exploring innovative flavors, patrons are treated to a memorable experience that tantalizes their taste buds and leaves them craving for more. As Krispy Kreme continues to delight doughnut enthusiasts across the globe, its menu in South Africa stands as a testament to its commitment to quality, innovation, and the joy of indulgence.

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