Exploring Lulas Food Menu 2024 | South Africa

Lulas Food Menu appears to offer a delightful ambiance possibly featuring a warm and inviting atmosphere along with a selection of delectable traditional dishes. Lulas Food stands out as a beacon of innovation, tradition, and exceptional taste.

Savoring South Africa – The Unique Flavors of Lulas Food

Lulas Food menuhas garnered a reputation for offering a unique dining experience that marries the diverse flavors of South African cuisine with contemporary twists. From the aromatic spices of Cape Malay dishes to the robust, meaty flavors of traditional Afrikaner fare, Lulas showcases the full spectrum of the nation’s gastronomic heritage. Each dish tells a story, reflecting the country’s rich history and the various cultural influences that have shaped its cuisine.

Lulas Food Menu

Lulas Food Menu is a delightful, family-friendly restaurant situated in the quaint village of Yzerfontein along the West Coast of Cape Town offers delectable meals just a stones throw away from the captivating seaside. It has garnered popularity among both locals and tourists alike. Experience a delightful exploration of South African cuisine at resturant Lulas Food Menu, where traditional flavors are expertly combined with modern twists.

Starter Menu

Prigo TrichadoR105
Garlic MusselsR85
Prawn RissoisR105
Peri Peri ChickenR90
Deep Fried TentaclesR85
Deep Fried Chicken stripsR85
Starter Calamari RingsR90
Greek SaladsR85
Starter Menu
Exploring Lulas Food Menu 2024 | South Africa

Breakfast Menu (served 10.00-12.00)

Note: Seattle coffee Menu prices might be diffrent accrodin to the location. Dietary options. Gluten free, Vegan dishes, Vegetarian dishes

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Ethiopian scrambled eggsR 2,598.73
Hearty eritrean breakfast made with fava beansR 2,598.73
Rice ( With Two Vejitable Dishes From list)R 8,669.41
Injera (two vegetables dishes from list)R 9,268.98
Red lentils (mixed spices and berbere)R 8,669.41

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Beef & Chicken BurgerR85
Bacon & Cheese Beef BurgerR105


Lasagne (Beef/Chicken)R85
Cremy Peri Peri PrawnsR145
Spaghetti BolognaiseR110

Meat Dishes

Spicy chicken & gomen – riceR 8,969.19
Spicy chicken & gomen – injeraR 9,568.77
Spicy chicken & foslia – riceR 8,969.19
Spicy chicken & foslia – injeraR 9,568.77
Zigni & gomen – riceR 9,268.98
Zigni & gomen – injeraR 9,868.56
Zigni & fosolia – riceR 9,268.98
Zigni & fosolia – injera
R 9,568.77
Meat Dishes

Platters to share (Serving 2 people)

Lula’s gold plate, vegetable platterR 14,065.59
Lula’s gold plate, spicy chicken platterR 15,564.53
Lula’s gold plate, spicy zigni/lamb platterR 15,063.47


LUMP CRAB & AVOCADO DIPCrab, mango spicy green curry, wonton chips$14
CRAWFISH QUESOCreamy cheese dip, fresh Louisiana crawfish tails smoked poblanos with wonton chips$13
FRIED MIRLITON PICKLESHouse-made pickled mirliton, with smoked poblano ranch sauce $10


Handmade ice cream or sorbetR 5,453.97
Carrot cakeR 1,514.14
Chocolate and caramel cakeR 5,271.10
Lemon cakeR 5,271.10

Hot Drinks & Cold Drinks

Spice eritrean tea singleR 670.56
Earl grey /breakfast teaR 1099.58
AmericanoR 670.56
LatteR 949.33
CappuccinoR 949.33
Flat whiteR 955.36
MochaR 958.36
Hot chocolateR 952.36
Ginger beerR 5,184.16
Guava juiceR 919.35
Mango juiceR 919.35
Fruit mix juiceR 919.35
Orange juiceR 979.31
Buna (single)R 654.57
Still waterR 574.63
Sparkling waterR 574.63
Ethiopian beerR 5,214.14
Ethiopian & eritrean honey wine 175mlR 5,813.72
Shiraz, south africa, or merlot, south africa 12.5% 175mlR 5,783.74
Prosecco italy, 11% (bottle)R 11,494.70
Lula’s gold sharing tej berele (honey wine) (425mlR 8,897.24
Hot drinks & cold drinks


Ethiopian beerR1,854.68
Ethiopian & eritrean honey wine 175mlR6,956.76
White wine(Sauvignon blanc, south africa, crispy & fruity 12.5% 175ml)R6,354.68
Sauvignon blanc, south africa, crispy & fruity 12.5% 175mlR6,956.76
Red wine
Shiraz, south africa, or merlot, south africa 12.5% 175mlR6,791.19
Prosecco italy, 11% (bottle)R7,526.00
Lula’s gold sharing tej berele (honey wine) (425ml carafe)R8,913.52
Lulas Restaurant Food Menu Alcoholic
Location & Contact No.
Contact No.

Lulas Food menu encapsulates the essence of South Africa’s rich and diverse culinary traditions, offering diners an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the plate. With its innovative menu, warm ambiance, commitment to sustainability, and community engagement, Lulas has firmly established itself as a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists.

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