Dominos Pizza Menu And Prices In South Africa 2024

In the bustling culinary landscape of South Africa, Dominos Pizza stands out as a beacon of deliciousness, offering a diverse menu that caters to the discerning tastes of pizza enthusiasts. Renowned for its commitment to quality ingredients and innovative flavors, Domino’s has become a go-to choice for those craving a slice of perfection. Let’s delve into the tempting world of Dominos Pizza, exploring their menu and prices to discover the delightful options available to South African pizza lovers.

A Symphony of Flavors of Dominos Pizza

Dominos Pizza in South Africa presents a symphony of flavors with a diverse menu that goes beyond traditional pizzas. From classic Margherita to exotic and bold combinations, the menu caters to a wide range of taste preferences. The signature hand-tossed crust serves as the perfect canvas for a variety of toppings, ensuring every bite is a culinary delight.

dominos menu

When it comes to the menu at Dominos Pizza, prepare to be blown away by the wide variety of options available. From classic favorites to innovative creations, there’s something for everyone here.

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Let’s start with the classic pizzas. You can never go wrong with a Margherita or Pepperoni pizza – simple yet bursting with flavor. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try their BBQ Chicken or Veggie Supreme? These unique combinations will tantalize your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.

But Dominos doesn’t stop at just pizzas. They also offer an array of mouthwatering sides and snacks. Craving some crispy chicken wings? Look no further! Choose from flavors like Hot Buffalo, Tangy BBQ, or Garlic Parmesan – guaranteed to satisfy any craving.

If you’re in the mood for something lighter, opt for one of their fresh salads. The Garden Salad loaded with crisp lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and black olives is a refreshing choice that pairs perfectly with any pizza selection.

Don’t forget about dessert! Indulge in a slice of Chocolate Lava Cake or Cinnamon Bread Twists for the perfect sweet ending to your meal.

With such a diverse menu offering everything from traditional classics to inventive twists on old favorites, Dominos Pizza has solidified its place as a top choice among pizza lovers across South Africa.


ItemSmall MediumLarge
Chicken MayoR44.90R69.90R99.90
BBQ RussianR44.90R69.90R99.90
3 Cheese (V)R44.90R69.90R99.90
Ham & BaconR44.90R69.90R99.90
BBQ ChickenR44.90R69.90R99.90
Margherita (V)R44.90R69.90R99.90
Dominos Pizza Menu And Prices In South Africa


ItemSmall MediumLarge
Chicken Mayo & BaconR55.90R85.90R109.90
BBQ Chicken & BaconR55.90R85.90R109.90
Deluxe Bacon  & MushroomR55.90R85.90R109.90
Chicken Honey MustardR55.90R85.90R109.90
Veggie Lovers (V)R55.90R85.90R109.90
Chicken TikkaR55.90R85.90R109.90
Fiery HawaiianR55.90R85.90R109.90
Four SeasonsR55.90R85.90R109.90
Pepperoni & FetaR55.90R85.90R109.90


ItemSmall MediumLarge
Meaty SupremeR75.90R105.90R125.90
Bacon & Rib Honey MustardR75.90R105.90R125.90
EPIC CaribbeanR75.90R105.90R125.90
Dominos Pizza Menu And Prices In South Africa


ItemSmall MediumLarge
Vegan Marghertia (V)R46.90R72.90R119.90
Vegan Spicy Mushroom (V)R46.90R72.90R119.90
Vegan Tikka Veg (V)R46.90R72.90R119.90
Vegan Mexican  Veg (V)R46.90R72.90R119.90
Vegan Veggie Lovers(V)R46.90R72.90R119.90
Vegan Pizone (V)R46.90R72.90R119.90
Vegan Sub (V)R46.90R72.90R119.90
Dominos Pizza Menu And Prices In South Africa


Pizone Cheese and GarlicR39.90
Pizone Chicken and MayoR39.90
Pizone HawaiianR39.90
Pizone Mexican BeefR44.90
Pizone Chicken TikkaR44.90
Pizone Mexican VegR44.90
Pizone Supreme VegetarianR44.90
Dominos Pizza Menu And Prices In South Africa


Parmesan BitesR35.90
Stuffed Cheesy BreadR45.90
Chicken StripsR45.90
Vegan Crumbed Chicken Style NuggetsR45.90
Vegan Battered Prawn Style NuggetsR45.90
Cheesy Bread with Bacon & JalapenoR49.90
Domino’s DipsR10.90


Cinna StixR39.90
Chocolate DecadenceR39.90
Boston BrownieR39.90

what is the menu at dominos pizza

In this article, we have explored the delicious offerings on the Dominos Pizza menu in South Africa. From classic favorites like Margherita and Pepperoni to unique creations such as Peri-Peri Chicken and BBQ Steak, there is something for everyone.

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Dominos understands that customer preferences vary greatly when it comes to pizza toppings and flavors. That’s why they offer a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, ensuring that every craving can be satisfied. With their commitment to using only the freshest ingredients, you can trust that each bite will be bursting with flavor.

But Dominos isn’t just about pizzas! Their menu also includes mouthwatering sides like cheesy garlic bread, chicken wings, and potato wedges. And let’s not forget about their delectable desserts like Choc Lava Cake and Caramel Sticky Toffee Pudding – perfect endings to a satisfying meal.

Whether you’re ordering for yourself or hosting a gathering with friends or family, Dominos Pizza has got you covered. Their menu offers a variety of sizes ranging from personal pan pizzas to larger ones meant for sharing. You can even customize your order by selecting different crust options such as thin crust or deep-dish.

With convenient online ordering and delivery services available in many areas across South Africa, enjoying a hot and delicious Domino’s pizza has never been easier!

Dominos Pizza Menu And Prices In South Africa

So next time hunger strikes or you’re in need of some comfort food, remember to check out the tempting menu at Dominos Pizza. Quality ingredients combined with expert craftsmanship result in sensational flavors that will leave you wanting more. Don’t wait any longer – give your taste buds an unforgettable treat today!

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Frequently Ask Questions

What are the different types of crust options available for pizzas at Domino’s in South Africa?

Can I customize my pizza with specific toppings at Domino’s in South Africa?

Absolutely! Domino’s allows customers to create their own pizzas by choosing their preferred crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings. This customization feature ensures a personalized and enjoyable dining experience.

Are there vegetarian pizza options available on the Domino’s menu in South Africa?

Yes, Domino’s offers a range of vegetarian options, including the classic Margherita, Veggie Supreme, and customizable vegetarian pizzas with a variety of veggie toppings.

What is included in the Gourmet Pizza range, and are these pizzas available in South Africa?

Domino’s Gourmet Pizza range features unique combinations of premium ingredients and bold flavors. Some options may include Extravaganzza, BBQ Bacon, and Chicken & Feta. Yes, these gourmet pizzas are available in South Africa.

What sides and snacks can I order to complement my pizza at Domino’s in South Africa?

Domino’s South Africa offers a variety of sides and snacks, including garlic bread, cheesy garlic rolls, chicken wings, and potato wedges. These options enhance your dining experience with additional flavors and textures.

How does Domino’s handle delivery and what are the associated charges in South Africa?

Domino’s provides delivery services in South Africa. Delivery charges may vary based on location and order size. Customers can check with their local Domino’s store for specific delivery policies and charges.

Can I order desserts and beverages from Domino’s in South Africa?

Absolutely! Domino’s menu in South Africa includes delicious desserts such as chocolate lava cake and cinnamon scrolls. Beverages, including soft drinks, are also available to complete your meal.

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