Signature Restaurant Umhlanga Menu And Prices 2024

Signature Restaurant combines refined elegance with culinary brilliance, captivating those with discerning tastes seeking a unique dining experience. With locations in both Umhlanga and Sandton, it offers an enthralling journey that surpasses expectations. Guests can revel in a beautiful atmosphere, live music, and the warm hospitality of friendly, well-presented staff, ensuring a truly memorable dining affair.

Signature Restaurant – Indulge in Elegance and Gourmet Excellence

The restaurant’s menu is a testament to culinary artistry, blending traditional flavors with contemporary flair. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Signature Restaurant promises a gastronomic journey that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you yearning for more. Let’s checkout the highlights of their mouth-watering menu.

Signature Restaurant Umhlanga Menu

The menu offers a diverse range of dishes, each prepared with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for quality. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a night out, Signature Restaurant promises a dining experience that is both memorable and delightful. Another formidable contender in the food scene with a strikingly similar menu is Hooters Umhlanga Menu, known for its widespread popularity in the region.

Starter Menu

Asian DumplingsR205
Sweet Pepper Stuffed ChickenR215
Mushroom TartR230
Salmon GravadlaxR250
Prawn Spring rollsR260
Venison CarpaccioR270
Curried Prawn & GnocchiR270
Balsamic FilletR280
Fish CakesR280
Poached LobsterR290
Prawn, Scallop & RisottoR310
Starter Menu

Salads & Soup Menu

Roasted Tomato and Pepper SoupR205
Chicken SoupR205
Curried Vegetable SoupR210
Mint and Pea SoupR220
Bouillabaisse SoupR280
Lobster Bisque SoupR280
Spicy Chicken Liver SaladR215
Pear SaladR230
Crispy Calamari SaladR250
Salads & Soup Menu

Signature Dishes

Chicken Carbonara LinguineR310
Ostrich FilletR370
Prawn & Chick Pea RagoutR375
Coffee Rubbed FilletR395
Rosemary Beef FilletR390
Pan Fried DuckR410
Braised Pork BellyR405
Glazed QuailR415
Seafood PastaR425
Beef Fillet and Truffle Cauliflower PureeR430
Lamb RumpR455
Signature Dishes

Meat & Poultry Menu

Rib EyeR390
Flame Grilled Baby ChickenR320
Duck Leg ConfitR380
Pork RibsR395
Peppered RibeyeR415
Duck Breast RagoutR425
Lamb ChopsR470
Beef Fillet and PieR465
Beef Fillet and Mushroom RoyaleR490
Awo FilletR415
Meat & Poultry Menu

Sushi Menu

Fashion sandwichR210
California rollR190
Sashimi R220
Big roll – futonR215
Egypt – hand rollR200
Crazy veggieR190
Sashimi saladR220
Sushi Menu

Signature Platters

Combo PlatterR450
Assorted PlatterR630
Salmon PlatterR620
Signature PlatterR570
Royal PlatterR990
Signature Platters
Signature Restaurant Umhlanga Menu And Prices 2024

Shellfish Menu

Queen PrawnsSQ
King PrawnsSQ
Tiger Medium PrawnsSQ
Baby LobsterSQ
Lobster ThermidorSQ
Signature Ladies PlatterSQ
Signature Shellfish PlatterSQ
Seafood Platter for TwoSQ
Shellfish Menu

Vegetarian Menu

Bean RagoutR320
Vegetarian PastaR325
Spicy Chickpea CurryR345
Tortellini MushroomR340
Wild Mushroom RisottoR335
Vegetarian Menu

Desserts Menu

Berry and Mascarpone CheesecakeR210
Caramelized BriocheR200
Pear Malva PuddingR195
American Style Baked CheesecakeR205
Lindt Chocolate FondantR215
Cake of the DayR210
Ferrero Rocher TiramisuR230
Desserts Menu
Signature Restaurant Umhlanga Menu And Prices 2024

Cocktails Menu

The Grey GardensR140
Pink LadyR135
Kir RoyalR145
Park AvenueR155
Whiskey EspressoR150
Strawberry Ginger MojitoR155
Shot in the DarkR185
Cocktails Menu

Signature Restaurant offers a sophisticated ambiance, live music, and impeccable service. Our menu is crafted to delight discerning palates with a blend of traditional flavors and contemporary innovation. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a night out, Signature Restaurant promises an unforgettable journey of taste and refinement.

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